We carry a $1 Million General Liability Insurance Policy and Background check our employees. 



We are home to the first company offering Annual Window Cleaning Memberships. With bonus cleanings for Texas Weather. 

Coach Lights


We clean Coach Lights, using quality products 

About the Owner

Divenchy Watrous Story

My name is Divenchy Watrous the founder of Leonardo Cleaning LLC a Texas and New Hampshire House Keeping and Window Cleaning Company.  I created this company for 3 reasons; Quality Service, Affordable prices, and to create an impact on the local Community. 

  I got started cleaning because of my father at a early age, from bathrooms to dishes. My father taught me the importance of a clean home. I remember him saying Cleanness is next to Godliness.  When the home was clean and organized, we could focused on whats important in life. Creating memories that last a lifetime.  I learned at a very young age to take pride in all my chores. Doing them the right way the first time, taking pride to become better each time as time moved forward, a constant improvement. Overtime I learned to pay attention to the small details, take pride in the work, and inspect to verify good work. I was born and raised in Texas and moved to Littleton Nh in Spring 2018 to work on a Real Estate Venture.  I decided to start this cleaning business to create value in the community. Bringing what my father taught me to each home we clean.  

I truly believe in the Camp Ground principle; "Leave the Camp Ground better then when you found it." High Quality service with a affordable price. 

Divenchy Watrous Owner and Founder.  Photo Taken at Kris Tee's in Lewisville TX

Divenchy Watrous Owner and Founder. Photo Taken at Kris Tee's in Lewisville TX

Owner's Blog

Leonardo Cleaning LLC owner is Divenchy Watrous, who has done quite a few incredible things in his life. Here he writes small articles that have incite on his personality and way of thinking. Some articles are funny, some are serious, and others are for education. Thank you for caring about what we care about and the future of Leonardo Cleaning LLC. Creating a brighter future with long lasting relationships.