Bathroom Cleaning and Polishing Faust

Systematic Protocols


We use Systematic Protocols for how we clean a room or a window.  This ensures that everyone is on track with how the job is to be done.  So they can focus on doing a great job. 

Before, and After photos


We take before, and after photos. This creates three huge factors for us, first it puts us in the mind sent that each after photo needs to look great.  Second it makes our cleaners excited to find dirty before photos, and lastly it's a great way to keep track of time. 

Environment Friendly Products


We use Environment Friendly Products for Window and Home Cleaning.  We believe that we were hired to be a solution, instead of the problem at hand. 



I believe that people learn best, when doing the job with an experienced, and knowledgeable person. We train each, and every one of our employees with hands on training. 

1,000,000 Reviews Goal


Leonardo Cleaning LLC  is on FaceBook, YouTube, Google, Yellow Pages, and Yelp. Our Mission is to reach 1,000,000 Reviews and we need your help.  We want our raving fans to tell the world of their experience with Leonardo Cleaning LLC, regardless if its GOOD, or BAD

Quality Control Standards

  • Courtesy and Uniform workers
  • Equipment Management in High Traffic areas
  • Tool placement for muscle memory
  • Professional Service 
  • Quality guaranteed 
  • Paperless Invoices 
  • Before and After pictures 
  • 24hr warranty and FREE clean up
  • Eco friendly Cleaning Products 
  • 26-30 cleanings provided for our yearly Contract, for the price of 25 cleanings.  That’s 5 extra cleanings for our Yearly Contract Service. 
  • Auto scheduling for weather 
  • Auto cleaning for after rainy days
  • $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy
  • Pay monthly with Company Check
  • All major Credit Cards accepted 
  • Cash is accepted 
  • PayPal accepted 
  • Pay per Use/Month/Yearly