2500-3500 sq ft Biweekly Cleaning Packages

$147.31 Package Deal: Basic Home Cleaning

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  • Quick Wipe down following Surfaces 
  • Counters Light Clean
  • Sink Light Clean
  • Toilet Light Clean
  • Tub Light Clean
  • Mirror Light Clean
  • Outside of appliances Light Clean
  • Sweep floors 
  • Vacuum without doing edges of carpeted areas 
  • Additional charges for dusting, scrubbing, or moving items out of the way to clean surfaces. 

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House 2500-3000 SQ FT

$197.46 Package Deal: Deluxe Home Cleaning

Maid Service Lewisville tx

  • Light Scrubbing of  Surfaces 
  • Counters Clean & Polish
  • Sink Clean & Polish
  • Toilet Clean & Polish
  • Tub Clean & Polish
  • Mirror Clean & Polish
  • Outside of appliances Clean & Polish 
  • Sweep & Quick Mop floors 
  • Vacuum with doing edges of carpeted areas 
  • Using a dry duster to dust the visible furniture. (No moving Items or Furniture)
  • Trash Can Liner removed and new one Installed 



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House 2500-3000 SQ FT

$273.48 VIP Package Deal: Home Cleaning

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  • Heavy Scrubbing of  Surfaces 
  • Counters Scrub, Clean & Polish
  • Sink Scrub, Clean & Polish
  • Toilet Scrub, Clean & Polish
  • Tub Scrub, Clean & Polish
  • Mirror Scrub, Clean & Polish
  • Outside of appliances Scrub, Clean & Polish 
  • Sweep, Scrub & Mop floors 
  • Clean and Polish Hardwood floors using Bona Brand Products 
  • Vacuum with doing edges of carpeted areas 
  • Using a dry duster to dust the visible furniture.  Top to bottom, 
  • Using oil to polish furniture top to bottom, Wood, and Leather. 
  • Using Glass Cleaner to clean Glass Mirrors, and Glass Furniture. 
  •  Trash Can Liner removed and new one Installed  
  • Sheets Changed and Beds Made 
  • Sheets Washed, Dried, and Folded



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House 2500-3000 SQ FT

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Move Out/IN Cleaning

 • All Flooring is swept, mopped and/or vacuumed
• All Cobwebs are removed (within reach)
• All Toilets, Sinks, Counters, Tubs and Showers are thoroughly wiped down, cleaned and disinfected
• All Mirrors, Fixtures and Chrome are dusted, cleaned and shined
• All Kitchen surfaces are wiped down, cleaned and sanitized (within reach)
• We will clean your Range or Stove Top (Outside)
• We will clean your Microwave inside and out
• We will dust and clean your Pantry
• We will dust all Ceiling Fan Blades (within reach)
• We will wipe down all the Cabinet fronts
• We dust down Baseboards and Vacuum along the edges of the Carpet
• We dust all the Blinds and Shutters (within reach)
•       All Window Sills dusted 

Residential Home Cleaning Lewisville TX

Residential Home Cleaning

It's Time to leave the cleaning to us. "We've Got This!" - Divenchy Watrous


Leonardo Cleaning LLC was founded to create a #QuadWin scenario. Where the Employee Wins, the Customer Wins, the Community Wins, and finally when all three Win in that order we Win as the Company. 


Our Employees WIN every day on every job because we make it fun to come to work.  We create a fun environment for our employees to thrive. We do this by creating a Systematic Protocols so our employees don't have to focus on what to do next, but rather how to do a great job.  Our Employees take before and after pictures of the work they do. They do this because it brings them joy to take something that hasn't been cared for and use our systems they have learned to make the Item or Window look new.  The pictures are a reminder of the great work they have accomplished. We also email the customer so they can also see what was cleaned. These two concepts create an incredible environment for our employees and they are excited to help our customers, thus creating a Cascade to Positivity. 


Our Customers WIN every time they use our recurring services and our other services Home Cleaning, Business Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Christmas Lights Installation, Power Washing coming soon, and Mobile Detailing. 80% of our Customers are Commercial Recurring work, so we have the honor to improve the lives of so many of our customers and thus the community by provide Quality Service at an Affordable Rate. We do this by first making sure there is an incredible environment for our employees so they are excited to come to work and change the lives of our Customers.  Second we do this by the systematic Protocols, and lastly by giving back to our customers. We find special ways to honor our customers, from giving away Gift Cards to local stores, to handing out customers store coupons to other customers, and our Leonardo Divenchy's List vendor program where local business can list their services on our website. 


When our Customers WIN the Community WIN, because 80% of our customers are commercial. The community now has a business they can shop at, that takes pride in making sure their business is clean.  When a business has a clean Parking Lot, clean Painted Strips on the Parking Lot, proper Lighting, clean Cement, clean Signage clean Windows, clean Tables, clean Floors and clean Uniformed Employees.  It's inviting for consumers to spend their hard earned money in exchanged the for products or services the business is offering. Failure to perform these basic items will leave service and products on the table to not be sold. 

Leonardo Cleaning LLC was created to provide an incredible work environment for our employees, create Quality Cleaning at an Affordable Price, and to clean the Community. After one year in business Leonardo Cleaning has done just that in both Littleton NH and Denton TX. I am proud to say that Leonardo Cleaning LLC is a Five Star rated company on Yelp, Google, and FaceBook, and we look forward in saving your time and providing you the time to have to create cherished memories with your loved ones. 

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Call us today for a FREE In-Home Estimate for a NOT-TO-EXCEED Price for your Home Cleaning. Our Employees are Trained and Background Checked. We carry a $1 Million General Liability Insurance to cover anything we accidentally damage. We use the right Product on the right Surface whether it's your Stainless Steel Fridge, Granite Counter Tops, or Glass Shower Walls. "We've Got This!" - Divenchy Watrous Founder of Leonardo Cleaning LLC